Equal Opportunities

The TRR 319 wants to strengthen and promote gender equality particularly
in the field of scientific research.

We hereby allocate extra funds for
gender equality support measures and encourage all participants of RMaP
to inquire at our head office if they require support or consulting for
a wide range of situations.

We furthermore want to promote they programs listed below for all
researchers on all levels (Grad student to PI):

ADA LOVELACE talent development mentoring career orientation for female
PhDs and postdocs in STEM: https://equality.uni-mainz.de/

Equality and Diversity at the JGU Mainz: https://equality.uni-mainz.de/

Current events & Programs:

RMU Weeks of Equal Opportunities 2023   May 16th to June 12th

As part of the Alliance of Rhine-Main-Universities, the Equal Opportunity Offices of Goethe University
Frankfurt am Main, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Darmstadt University of Technology are
once again organizing the event series Weeks of Equal Opportunity in Research Alliances.

Find more information here.