YouRMaP lecture series - upcoming lecture

04.07.2024: Jun.-Prof. Marie Luise Winz, Mainz University

“Quality control in protein biosynthesis”

YouRMaP lecture series - past lectures


16.05.2024: “Coenzyme- and metabolite-capping of RNA – a new paradigm in RNA biology.”, Prof. Dr. Andres Jäschke, IPMB Heidelberg University

07.03.2024: “Adenine methylation in cancer.”, Prof. Dr. Frank Lyko, DKFZ Heidelberg

11.01.2024: “Identifying RNA modifications through machine learning.”, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hildebrandt, Mainz University


09.11.2023: “Big Data meets HPC.”, Prof. Dr. Bertil Schmidt, Mainz University

14.09.2023: “Function and mechanisms of the m6A mRNA modification.”, Prof. Dr.  Jean-Yves Roignant, Mainz University

06.07.2023: “Sealing the deal – RNA ligation mechanisms during non-conventional splicing.”, Dr. Jirka Peschek, BZH Heidelberg

01.06.2023: “Cytidine methylation in cancer.”, Prof. Dr. Michaela Frye, DKFZ Heidelberg

02.03.2023: “Translational contronol by tRNA modifications.”, Dr. Francesca Tuorto, Heidelberg University Medical Faculty Mannheim

19.01.2023: “Computational RNA biology.”, Prof. Dr. Christoph Dieterich, Heidelberg University Medical Faculty Heidelberg


03.11.2022: “Structural Biology of RNPs.”, Dr. Klemens Wild, Sinning lab, BZH Heidelberg

22.09.2022: “Genome-wide methods to detect RNA modifications.”, Dr. Julian König, IMB Mainz

02.06.2022: “Small RNA mediated gene regulation – from discovery to recent insights.”, Prof. Dr. Réne Ketting, IMB Mainz

07.04.2022: “Basics on RNAseq Methods.”, Prof. Dr. Yuri Motorin, University of Lorraine, France

22.02.2022: “Computational RNA biology – introduction to structure-based ligand design via molecular docking.”, Dr. Christian Kersten, Schirmeister lab, Mainz University